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No news organization can succeed without the right set of writers, who know what they are writing for and for whom they are writing for. A Finance News is lucky enough to have some of such like-minded people who write, not for the sake of writing, but because they want the rest of the world to know about what has been happening around the world, be it tech news, business updates or some commentary on international affairs. We always make sure that our contributors have the right environment and enough freedom to get the best out of reporting and writing, while also ensuring the overall authenticity.

However, at A Finance News, we don’t believe that contributing to the site is limited to the in-house team. In fact, we have come across a lot of people who are good at finding news-worthy content and presenting them with a fresh perspective. If you are one of them, you are more than welcome to become a contributor to A Finance News. We don’t have complex methods or rules for the contribution program, but you simply contact A Finance News team via email or social media, according to your convenience. We will be quick to reply and you can expect to begin writing soon enough.

Nevertheless, we have some tips to make sure that your article meets the quality standards. So, please make sure that your article meets with the following instructions.

  • The article must be completely original and must not have been published before. All the submitted articles would be subjected to plagiarism test, and if found to be plagiarized, it won’t be taken into consideration.

  • While writing news updates, there should be an authentic and trustworthy source. Contributors are also requested to cite the source along with the article so that everything can be confirmed.

  • Writers are requested to use simple language that can be understood by commons, without actually compromising the writing quality.

Ready to become a contributor? Shoot us an email.