Our Team

Thomas-Abraham – Sr. Editor
Email: thomas@afinancenews.com

Thomas has been working in the journalism industry for around 5 years. During this period, he has written on a variety of topics like technology, business, and privacy ethics. While not working, Thomas likes to listen to music and entertain his creative faculty. He is also interested in knowing the updates happening in the tech world as well as scientific explorations that are happening nowadays.

Mike-Eaton – Editor
Email: mike@afinancenews.com

Michael overs medicine and science articles at TechnoObserver.com and he loves to write about the chemistry of these things. He studies Chemistry for his bachelor’s, which has helped in the writing process as well. As a person, Vivek loves watching sci-fi movies and rock music. He is the person to count on when you need an authentic perspective on health updates.

Lara-Abramov- Author& Contributor
Email: lara@afinancenews.com

Lara is the strong hand when it comes to covering business and politics. She finds a humanitarian political stance but makes sure that her reports are crafted without any bias. lara can be found with a pair of earphones in her ear when she’s not reading something related to business or global affairs. she is the trump card of TechnoObserver.com when it comes to covering global affair.